Fashion is a Language.

Fashion as Language: What We Wear Speaks Volumes

What do you put on when you run to the supermarket to pick up ingredients to make dinner? How about when you meet friends for a coffee or glass of wine? Everything you choose in your wardrobe utters unspoken words to everyone you encounter in your day. And guess what? It says everything even when you think you’re not making a statement at all. 

Why You Need to Choose Your Fashion ‘Words’ Wisely

Let’s say you land an interview at a company you’ve been dreaming of working for. You’re the perfect candidate for what they’re looking for based on your skills and experience. How would you show up for that interview? If you’d just throw anything on, then you’re wordlessly telling them you don’t care all that much. But if you try on all your business attire and plan every accessory right down to the last detail, it’s telling them you will spare no detail when it comes to working for them.

But fashion isn’t all work and no play. It’s fun and allows us the chance to be someone else, even if for just a little while. We can showcase all our personalities in our wardrobe. In other words, if your entire wardrobe is filled with the same things, it’s probably time to branch out and express yourself. 

Who are you really? Maybe on weekends, you feel like a rockstar while your husband stays home with the kids and you head downtown with friends for a few cocktails to escape mom life for a bit. Perhaps it’s hot outside and you’d rather look more surfer chic. There’s room for all these styles and more in your wardrobe. What matters is how you’re using fashion as a form of self-expression.

Fashion Speaks for Kids Too

It’s been a while for most of us, but don’t you recall the importance of having the “IT” fashions when you were young? We wanted to say what we couldn’t verbalize. We wanted people to see us from afar and KNOW we were cool, or our idea of cool at least. 

Today’s kids are no different. It all starts when they’re young. Our own styles influence theirs. Your baby can’t possibly tell you they prefer one pattern over another, but you may be able to tell what materials make them feel right at home. 

As our babies grow into toddlers and school-aged children beyond that, they’re more aware of fashion and how it impacts their lives. They see how what they wear says it all, whether their shirt is sparkly and adorned with sequins or they have a graphic T-shirt with their favorite cartoon character. 

With more and more brands stepping up to the plate to make everyone feel welcome in the world of fashion, it’s even easier and more approachable. Fashion speaks thousands of languages simultaneously. In everything we choose for ourselves, for our kids, or our kids choose on their own, the things we wear shout, “This is who I am! This is a part of my personality!”

And yes, we may wear multiple personalities in our wardrobe, but that’s a wonderful way to free yourself from the confines of your mind. Perhaps you won’t show up to work looking like you’re going to an 80s rock concert, but knowing that you can dress that way after hours gives you something to look forward to when you shed that suit.

When your children make fashion choices, be supportive. It’s simply their way of saying they want to be included, and if we think about it, don’t we all want that?


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